About VX Strategy & Brad Whitehead

In detail…

Vx Strategy is a management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, tactical execution, and organizational development for entrepreneurial growth-oriented businesses.

Working with owners and business leaders to systematically evaluate opportunities to boost business performance, Vx Strategy will provide the structure, guidance, and accountability to achieve initiatives taking the business to the next level.

Vx Strategy has an extensive professional network for deeper support services including legal, accounting, insurance, and marketing.

Vx Strategy is dedicated to serving the folks who have weathered the inevitable cycle of business, enjoying the updrafts when all is working well, and coping through the inevitable downdrafts until stability is regained.  In fact, the aviation term “Vx” is the speed or velocity at which an aircraft gains altitude the quickest.  Figuratively, our goal is to help clients clear the trees, get over the mountain, or rise to smoother air as quickly and safely as possible to reach their objectives.

Real. Simple. Results.

Most entrepreneurs struggle through a barrage of issues distracting them from doing the things that really matter.  This can lead to frustration and a feeling of being “stuck” in the business.  You’ve “hit the ceiling” which is an inevitable and normal phenomenon for all growing businesses and their leadership teams.

Brad Whitehead aligns business leaders and teams around a clear vision with clarity around responsibilities and actions that lead to results.

Brad Whitehead is professionally trained and an accredited consultant who will lead your company through a process to clarify responsibilities, coordinate actions, and align the team around a shared vision.

Brad’s consulting services are implemented through a series of structured facilitated sessions with the leadership team that will get the business moving in the right direction with coordinated actions yielding immediate value.

About Brad Whitehead

Brad Whitehead is the principal of Vx Strategy. Brad understands from experience the thrills and challenges of running a business.  Raised in an entrepreneurial family, Brad learned early in life that the business owner travels a uniquely individual path.  He believes success is crafted from grit, fortitude, sound decision-making, and surrounding yourself with talent and expertise that balances your own distinct skills.

With a professional, composed demeanor and accessible communication style, Brad approaches issues critical to business leaders, crystallizes them with experienced perspective, and then helps the team solve them for the greater good of the organization.

With over 25 years of leadership experience developing and executing strategies for growth-oriented companies in local, regional, and national markets, Brad has been responsible for finance, operations, technology management, business development, sales, and strategic partnerships. He has worked in a variety of industries including professional services, construction, consumer electronics, design & engineering services, software solutions, telecommunications, and multi-unit retail.

Brad holds a BA in economics and psychology from Wake Forest University and an MBA from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  He currently resides in Denver, Colorado with his wife and three children.