Business Consulting Services

Management Consulting

Vx Strategy extends the strength of your management team, offering both classical and creative approaches to your business issues.

In detail…

Starting any business is a challenge requiring an entrepreneur to wear many hats within the young company.

Often the innate skills of the business owner are typically sales and technical knowledge.

These skills are critical to surviving through the early days need to be supplemented with more structured management depth as the business develops.

  • A business may have a management gap in terms of skill set, inexperience of a discipline, or because of an unplanned vacancy of a key position.  Vx Strategy can step in on an interim basis and cover urgent responsibilities in sales management, operations, or finance for your business.
  • We will clarify and document the role for you and support the recruiting, hiring, and training process for your permanent team member.
  • Owner support to establish personal and professional goals while identifying and resolving issues within a confidential third-party relationship.
  • Management and key leader development through a mentorship and advisory relationship within which to express concerns, consider appropriate solutions, and support career progression.
  • There is always room for efficiency improvement.  Sometimes the simple task of asking “Why?” can lead to re-thinking processes that made sense at one point but have not kept pace as the business grew to address new markets, products, or services.
  • Vx Strategy is experienced at process mapping keeping simplicity in mind while developing efficient workflow procedures.
  • We have scoped and implemented systems to streamline operations, while providing valuable metrics from which to make decisions.
  • We remain conscious of the cost ramifications for implementing information management solutions, including the hidden cost of distraction from your core business.   We understand the necessity to get it right.

Business Planning

Transforming your vision and business strategy into reality demands a thoughtful plan and the right support.

In detail…

Of course, truly understanding your target market, the buying reasons, pricing mechanics, delivery policies, and the myriad other considerations can be daunting to outline, evaluate, and ultimately implement.  And a company’s strategy is rarely static.  The shifting nature of customer needs and tastes and the ever-changing landscape of competitors, partners, and trade relationships dictates that your strategy must be dynamic while also remaining true to your business objectives.

The unique characteristics that set your business apart from others can include your service offering, delivery process, management depth, skill level, or geography.

It could also be your company’s mission, shared values, and culture.  Once you figure out what make your company stand out, the key is to exploit these differences in the marketplace with your messaging, as well as your product and service offering.

Vx Strategy’s unique methodology will guide your team through the characteristics that define your strategy.

  • Developing a model for growth will identify scaling factors of the business while creating a basis for financial budgets and realistic execution plans.
  • Projections can be derived for the entire business or an individual department and used to support financing efforts as well as for staffing and capital expense planning.
  • Finance strategy is essentially a roadmap for a company to reach its objectives in terms of investment and the sourcing and usage of capital in the process of value creation.
  • We can help identify and mature options to support the liquidity needs of the business including capital formation including relationships with equity and debt sources.
  • Marketing positions your company’s products and services effectively in the marketplace, while sales identifies and closes prospects.  Each is a unique function working in conjunction to execute your business strategy.
  • We can provide structure and advice to this process while working with resources as needed to execute objectives for the business.
  • Businesses are built for many reasons, including providing a desirable lifestyle for the owner.  Eventually all owners are ready to transfer their business to new leadership while they begin the next chapter of their life.
  • We can assist in planning for this in advance which will yield greater outcomes for the business and all involved, including engaging with the right legal and tax professionals when the time is right.

I bring decades of experience and a commitment to serve my clients as they build a thriving business.

Please contact me to learn more about my consulting services and how I may help you take your business to the next level.